It's not uncommon to hear the following: Oh my god. Jesus Christ! Many people use these expressions to show surprise, excitement, worry, etc. Nevertheless, be mindful of your audience. If someone says, “You are using the lord's name in vain.” In this case, they mean you are being disrespectful to god (meaning you might have offended them). Of course, due to cultural differences and language barriers, it's not uncommon to accidently say something that may offend someone. In this case, apologize and next time, be respectful.Heather Pfeiffer
  Oh my God-是攻擊用詞嗎?
  下麵的說法會經常聽到:Oh my god. 我的天啊Jesus Christ!上帝耶穌啊!許多人使用這些詞用來表達驚訝、興奮、擔心等各種意思。然而,留心聽眾的反應。如果有人說,“你所使用的詞語空有上帝之名。”在這樣的情況下,他們的意思是你不尊重上帝(示意你可能冒犯上帝)。當然,由於文化的差異以及語言的障礙,這樣意外冒犯上帝的說法並非少見。在這種情況下,道歉並且下次註意謹慎地使用這些詞語吧。  (原標題:Oh my God – Offensive?)
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